Outdoor Signage

Visualcom can produce a multitude of outdoor solutions from ADSHEL bus shelters, EYE poster stands, phone booths, rotating displays, billboards and outdoor display systems. We have a range of products on offer to suit your needs and image, from low cost short term options, to high end long term solutions.

Billboard Printing & Signage
Make your message BIG with a billboard. We can do everything from fabrication of the billboard structure to the high quality digital print. If you just need the digitally printed signage done to fit an existing billboard site, that’s no problem either.

Bus Shelter Posters
Bus shelter posters are a great way to get your message out there, and visualcom can produce bright, vibrant digitally printed ADSHEL posters in amazing quality and incredibly fast. Look no further.

Outdoor Display Systems
The perfect partner for your portable outdoor display and presentation needs. Comes in single or double sided. Great for promotional messages, point of sale displays and instant presentations for indoors and outdoors. Comes with wheeled base fabric bag.