Point Of Sale

Add interest not only with shop front signage but also your shop interior. From simple interchangeable snap frame posters to complete floor graphics, counter graphics, A-frames, cut outs or even a full wall backlit display.

A-frames and sidewalk signage are an affordable way to place your message in the path of pedestrians and in view of the oncoming traffic. Getting your target customers off the street and into your store. Interchangeable digitally printed graphics mean you can keep a fresh look and let passers-by know of new products or specials. Not just restricted to black and white the A-frame structure can be powder coated in a colour to suit your needs.

Cut Outs
Freestanding cut-outs bring your promotional ideas to life. Whether it is a cute cartoon character cutout, a life size person cutout or a die cut shape, visualcom can create it, all printed digitally in crisp and vibrant detail.

Snap Frames
Snap frame posters are a simple and inexpensive option for interchangable promotional signage. We can supply and install the snap frames indoors or outdoors, and the digital print to go in them. Simple.